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Elmatec Finland Oy is a pioneer in rapid drying of buildings and structures using SECCA®dry the fight against capillary moisture using SECCA®block.

We have successfully completed more than 700 drying and moisture barrier projects in buildings as vairied as hospitals, churches, schools, daycare centers, prisons, housing estates and private houses.

Recent projects include the Ministry of Education, Best Western Katajanokka prison hotel, the Archbishop's official residence in Turku and The Womens Clinic in the Central Hospital of Helsinki. For a complete list of projects undertaken please contact us.

We have developed our methods since 1987, and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) found in lab tests and practical studies that SECCA®block is a safe and permanent solution to the problems of capillary moisture of stone structures.

Elmatec Oy hold the patents for this method of moisture control in Europe and domestically. Patent No. euro. 0555257/2000 and Finnish patent no. 103917/1999.

Between 1987-1993 the company operated under the name Kosirak Oy, and from thereafter as Elmatec Oy.


Using SECCA®dry microwave technique, heat is targeted directly at the water molecules instead of the total structure. This method gives significant reduction of drying time compared to blow drying or infrared drying.

Our microwave drying has been used successfully and safely since 1987. There has been no incidence of the microwave radiation causing injury to people or animals. Furthermore in buildings the plastic tubing or insulation is also unaffected by the targeted microwave effect.


Concrete or masonary structures can be treated with SECCA®block which creates a hydrophobic layer which inhibits capillary moisture flow. This system has been succesfully used since 1987 in hundreds of locations across Finland and abroad.

In cases where wall structures are in contact with wet ground under surface level, there will typically be capillary flow of moisture into the wall. Despite conventional damp proffing there will still be water flow under the building, for instance from cracks in rock or damaged drainage and in such cases there will be increases in capillary action. Where this occurs SECCA®block can be usesd to inhibit this moisture.

The SECCA® system of drying and sealing have been designed to provide a complete solution. SECCA®dry is a prerequisite for the removal of moisture from the capillary pores so that SECCA®sealer can be absorbed into them. With SECCA®dry we are able to dry the masonary quicker than the capillary absorption of moisture so the application of SECCA®sealer be succesful.

SECCA®block uses the natural capillary action of the material to absorb the sealant. Should pressure be appled to inject the treatment solution the residual moisture would inhibit the complete application of the treatment solution, plus inherent cracks in the building materials will permit the treatment solution to escape. SECCA®block by it's special absorption method of application will always create a waterproof zone where before there was a moisture void.

From start to finish SECCA®block is fully functional 3 weeks after SECCA®sealer has been appled. Unlike treatments based on crystaling chemicals which could take from months to years to work, SECCA®block system is quicker, and therefore allow's business and prople to return to their properties with the minimum of delay after water ingress damage.

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